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What makes a great new starter welcome pack?

Onboarding Welcome Pack Guide preview - Let's Talk Talent

Our short guide to what to include in an Onboarding welcome pack, plus things to think about and some creative examples of packs we love.

A welcome pack is like a survival kit for the office for new starters. It's intended to give your new employees the tools and knowledge they need to get up and running in their new job as soon as possible.

But what do you put in it? What should you leave out?

Too often, we see one extreme or the other – the cold, mundane approach of overloading new hires with paperwork and process; or the flippant, superficial approach of showing off with flashy gifts that bring no real value.

A great onboarding welcome pack needs to balance both – useful and informative, with a bit of fun and excitement thrown in.

That's why we've created this PDF guide to creating a truly great new starter welcome pack that speaks to both the head and the heart of your new starters, to welcome them into your business in the best way possible.

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