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Career Planning Whitepaper

FREE Career Planning Whitepaper

Developing a successful career plan to reach your potential

This whitepaper is different from the norm, which you would probably expect from us at Let’s Talk Talent.

It has been designed to explore what you can do as HR Leaders to drive these important career conversations, while providing you practical workshop tools and tips which you can start to use immediately.

Our Career Planning whitepaper is for you if you want to know:

  • How to empower your people to take control of their careers.
  • How to support your managers have better career conversations.
  • How to help your people understand their strengths.
  • How to engage your future leaders to think about their career journeys.
  • Help your people identify the skills, training and relationships they will need to develop to get to where they want.
  • What more you can be doing as a HR leader to support your people in their careers.

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70/20/10 MODEL

The 70/20/10 model isn't new. But it is important. We try to help you focus on what you can do within your 10% remit to have the biggest impact on the other 90%.

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We include lots of ideas in this whitepaper that you can take back to your business immediately. Help empower your people to have better career conversations.

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We share some of our favourite career planning tools with you, that we use in many of our sessions with clients. We know they work. 

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Empower your people to take control of their careers

This whitepaper offers a range of workshops and tools
that should help your people take control of their own careers.

And help manager support them by having better career conversations.