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The way in which people learn has drastically changed in recent years, the modern learning landscape is far more complex. For L&D professionals it's a difficult to navigate the most effective ways to support your people's development.

So how can you create a learning development strategy that meets your business objectives? Are we all supposed to offer a YouTube equivalent to our people in order to compete in a talent shortage economy? Does everything now have to be remote and accessible on mobiles in the new hybrid world?

Whilst it’s true that learning has changed over the recent years, the basic principles remain. At LTT, our approach to L&D is a marketing focus: we see learning as an important retention lever for employers and as such, each ingredient that makes up your model should be viewed and reviewed through a consumer lens. So let us take you back to the start and help you create a blended learning approach that will truly resonate with your business, and more importantly, your people.

Our learning and development strategy whitepaper is for you if you want to know:

  • What makes a good L&D offering?
  • What do you need to provide modern learners to compete in the wider landscape?
  • How to find the right approach for your organisation?
  • Learning vs Development: weighing up your ingredients
  • How to create your L&D roadmap
  • Identify the ingredients that make up your L&D offering


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L&D Offering

The importance of defining your approach to content creation and curation cannot be understated. Use marketing principles to ensure resources appeal to your talent pool, remain relevant and interesting and generate curiosity and innovation.

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The L&D Strategy 
Sweet Spot

Creating, setting up and maintaining the kind of L&D proposition that will support your people’s growth and ambition during their time with you is no easy task. But it is essential.

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Practical Exercises 

This whitepaper is filled with exercises that you can take into your business to make improvements straight away.

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Your recipe for a successful L&D Strategy

Unlock the skills, behaviours and experiences that encourage development in your organisation.